Summer Treats
Jeni's Ice Cream Truck collection will launch on July 8.

Jeni’s Is Dropping A Rocket Pop Ice Cream Flavor In Its New Summer Lineup

There are five new flavors all inspired by OG ice cream trucks.

Courtesy of Jeni's

Screaming for ice cream is getting a summer refresh at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. The popular chain is scooping up some major seasonal nostalgia with its new collection, which is inspired by your neighborhood ice cream trucks — and each unique limited-edition flavor promises to pique your interest as well as your tastebuds. With a flavor that’s described as tasting “like fading summer sunlight” and a pint that’s reimagines an iconic food court beverage, you’ll definitely want to keep track of Jeni's Ice Cream Truck flavors release schedule to make sure you get to try it all.

You already know Jeni’s has a lock on limited-time flavors that keep you craving a scoop long after they’re gone, so it’s welcome news that this summertime drop will have you looking forward to a new flavor every single week. Available both in shops and online for $12 per pint or $58 for the whole collection, the five flavors from Jeni’s Ice Cream Truck collection will drop every Thursday from July 8 through Aug. 6, 2021, starting with its debut flavor, Rocket Pop. Here’s the full lineup for your dessert-planning purposes:

  • July 8 (Rocket Pop): Featuring a blueberry and pineapple swirl, Rocket Pop promises to “catapult you into another stratosphere” with its tart and sweet flavors balanced with the lightness of buttermilk cream.
  • July 15 (Mango Cheesecake Swirl): Next on the docket is Mango Cheesecake Swirl, which will launch online and in shops on July 15. Fans of New York-style cheesecake will definitely need to stock up on this offering, which balances cream cheese ice cream (yes, this is a thing) with drizzles of alphonso mango sauce.
Courtesy of Jeni's
  • July 22 (Orange Freeze): The dairy-free Orange Freeze, which is inspired by the iconic orange mall sip, is a fitting tribute to the nostalgic spirit of the collection. The ice cream features two-toned swirls of blood orange and coconut cream, as well as notes of tart orange juice. You can score this flavor online and in Jeni’s scoop shops starting on July 22.
  • July 29 (High Five Candy Bar): Chances are you might have already tried the fourth pint in the collection, High Five Candy Bar, which Jeni’s recently created as an exclusive flavor for Whole Foods. However, you can now buy it online and in Jeni’s shops as well starting on July 29. Inspired by Jeni’s favorite candy bar, the marriage of peanut butter, caramel, honey, chocolate, and pretzels is an undeniably powerful combination and had the Jeni’s wizards “dancing in their test kitchen.”
Courtesy of Jeni's
  • Aug. 6 (Golden Nectar): Last but not least, Golden Nectar will be a late summer addition when it rolls out online and in Jeni’s shops on Aug. 6. This might be the most intriguing flavor of the pack, as the amber-colored swirls are said to taste like “fading summer sunlight topped with cracked caramel.” Flavor-wise, you can expect some similarities to a summer chi with close, vanilla, nectar, and aerated toffee candy. It’s hard to imagine exactly what you can expect when you taste your first bite, but Jeni’s promises it’s “the stuff summer daydreams are made of,” so count everyone in.

Jeni’s stans know that limited-edition flavors are only available while supplies last and tend to sell out really fast, so it’s a good idea to write down these release dates so you can be poised to scoop up a pint (or five) right as they launch.