Man Stabs Girlfriend's Lover After Caught In Bed Together

A man has been jailed for stabbing another man who was naked in his bed with his girlfriend after she sent him "provocative" video clips.

Jamie Carlton, 29, of Merseyside, England, "lost his self-control" after catching John Scott in bed with Sarah Partridge.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how she had sent Carlton videos of Scott naked in their bed as well as flirty messages from men in the hours leading up to the attack.


The couple had been arguing over missing keys on the day of the stabbing. Carlton had come home to make sure his dogs weren't unattended when he caught them in bed together. They were asleep after having sex.

Louise Santamera, prosecuting, said of Scott's account of the incident,

He heard the couple screaming at each other and only then noticed blood pouring down his body but he did not know what had happened. He was very distressed and confused. Carlton came out and said, "I've stabbed you, you need to get sorted out." He was holding a knife and asked, "Have you shagged my bird? Why are you in my bed bollocks?"

Carlton called an ambulance for his victim. Scott was taken to the hospital and needed stitches for his stab wound. He was released the same day.

Partridge had initially lied about the account of events and warned Carlton to go into hiding while she was taken to the police station. She messaged him,

You need to hide. I've not told them it was you.

Police unearthed provocative messages sent from Partridge's phone to Carlton before the attack.

Judge Conrad, said given the circumstances Partridge is "very lucky she isn't before the court."


Frank Dillon, defending, said Carlton "lost his self-control in the face of severe provocation."

Sentencing Carlton, Judge Conrad said,

The one person who is totally blameless is Mr. Scott but I accept on that night you encountered considerable provocation. You never sought to blame the victim and pleaded guilty at at the first opportunity.

Carlton was sentenced to eight months in prison.

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