If You Planned On Getting An 'iPhone 7,' You May Be Out Of Luck


It's been nearly 10 years since Apple dropped the iPhone and changed our techie lives forever. So, we're expecting big things from the iPhone 7.

But when it's unveiled in September, you might not be searching for the "iPhone 7" on Google. You may be searching for the "iPhone Pro" instead.

That's right. There are several rumors flying around about the new model, and a name change is one of them. claims that Apple could be scrapping its numbered naming convention after all these years. It's worth mentioning, however, that there is nothing solid to back this up.

Any change in the iPhone's name would purely be a marketing ploy. And it would work. Who wouldn't want an iPhone Pro?! Sexy.

Another rumor that Apple fans have all been dreading surrounds the headphone jack... or lack thereof.

The next-generation iPhone may not have one at all, in a bid to improve water resistance.

What does that mean for headphones? Well, if the rumors are true, then all the current iPhone headphones would be obsolete, and you'd need a new pair that Apple would roll out, especially made for this model.

This is just like that time when they changed the charging port, and made all of our sound systems redundant.

Apple giveth, and then it taketh away.