This Video May Prove The iPhone 7 Rumor We've All Been Dreading Is True


When Apple got rid of the CD/DVD drives on its laptops, I remember thinking, “BIG MISTAKE, GUYS! HOW WILL PEOPLE WATCH GLADIATOR?”

Of course, because they are pretty smart – and mostly because their fans are more loyal than Samurai – it worked. It helped, of course, that storing information on physical objects was on its swift journey to extinction by that point.

But this time, I feel like they might've made their move too soon.

If this leaked video of the iPhone 7 is to be believed, our worst fears seem to have been confirmed: It may not have a headphone jack.


Yeah. In yet another scheme by Apple to make us buy new versions of things we already have – they used to reserve this torture just to chargers – now, we have to buy their (or some other company's) very expensive bluetooth headphones.

Which we will. Of course we will. We always do.

I mean, sure: Bluetooth headphones are probably going to be ubiquitous in a few years — we do everything else without wires at this point — but right now, I'm perfectly happy with the myriad of headphones that I own, which I will be unable to use if this rumor is true.

Also you have to CHARGE bluetooth headphones. This means that Apple gets to fuck us over with yet ANOTHER charger.