Interracial Couples Sit Down To Get Real About Stereotypes They Face (Video)

by Taylor Ortega

In years past, interracial couples faced steep climbs to reach acceptance and live free of judgement, but how much of that judgement remains in the way today?

Complex interviewed five young interracial couples to find out the effect, if any, racial stereotypes have on their relationships.

Throughout the video, some joke about the age-old offensive claims, others suggest love was all that truly mattered and one white woman admits she grew up sheltered and doesn't understand much about races outside her own.

Sitting arm in arm with her black boyfriend, she confesses,

It’s nice not to feel stupid asking questions to him that are ignorant, but I’m mature enough to know that I don’t know.

While America has not exactly been a bastion of racial tolerance in 2015, there appears to be hope that all couples from varying backgrounds can be appreciated for, say, being outrageously gorgeous together rather than criticized from a place of archaic bias.