The Most Popular Color On The Internet Was Revealed And It's Obviously Gorgeous


Paul Herbert is a designer who recently conducted a test to see which color was the most widely used on the internet. To accomplish this task, he wrote a script that would scan the 10 most popular sites on the internet and catalogue the color schemes they used most.

And the definitive answer was: blue.

Paul Herbert

"I often struggle to create color schemes, and was curious about what other companies are doing," he explained to Wired -- which is a little like saying, “I didn't know what Chinese restaurant to order from, so I went to every Chinese restaurant in North America and tried every single dish.”

The most popular sites on the internet, if it interests you, are as follows:

1. Google 2. YouTube 3.  Facebook 4.  Baidu 5. Yahoo 6. Wikipedia 7. Amazon 8. 9. Qq 10. Twitter 11. My Twitter account.

I know, I  was also really surprised my Twitter was number 11. It's crazy. I'm so blessed to have so many fans. You guys keep me humble.

Here is another graph of the colors that these tops sites use.

Paul Herbert

And it's not just because these shades of blue are gorgeous colors. As the Daily Mail points out:

Research for the colour blue shows that it makes people feel tranquil, wet and cool. While red is found to stimulate senses, which is why many restaurants include the colour in their logo, blue does just the opposite – it relaxes the mind.

Yes, I'm going to ignore the fact that they used the word “wet.” Let's just move on.

Blue dominates the palette.

Paul Herbert

But Paul Herbert isn't satisfied yet with his studies. He wants to track color patterns over a longer period of time to see how they are shifting, as well as focus on the palette preferences of regions and cultures.

His results are already having interesting implications. For example, his data suggests that consumers may believe companies with blue logos are more eco-friendly, as opposed to those with red.

Of course, green is the primary color that comes up when we think of eco-friendly companies, but what's interesting here is these studies show it's not alone. In fact, some assert that blue actually challenges it.

Looks like Facebook really does know all of our preferences, after all.

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