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These tweets and memes about Instagram's 2021 Playback and its random algorithm are all saying the s...

Here's Why People Are Hating On Instagram's New Playback Feature

Some of the picks are so random?

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Instagram unveiled its first annual year in review feature on Dec. 9, but since it hit the app, some fans have a lot to say about its seemingly random choices. The social media platform’s 2021 Playback selects a group of memories from your Stories Archives and strings them together in a cohesive, end-of-year Story that you can share. Everyone seems to have noticed, though, that it doesn’t seem like the feature chooses Stories posts in a clear-cut method. Now that the new year in review is here, these tweets and memes about Instagram 2021 Playback all have a lot to say about the confusing selections.

Instagram’s 2021 Playback brings together memories from your year in Stories posts, but instead of logical choices, many fans think the round-up of memories feels random. App users can find their 2021 Playback on the app’s home page or by tapping on the “2021” sticker you see in one of your friend’s Playback Stories. Since so many fans appear to be upset with the feature’s algorithm, Elite Daily reached out to Instagram for more information on how they select posts for the 2021 Playback, but didn’t hear back at the time of publication.

It’s important to note that you can customize your 2021 Playback after you’ve previewed the automatic version, so you don’t have to keep it the way it comes if you’re unhappy with it. You should be able to easily add or delete Stories posts by using the Stories Archive as you’re viewing and editing your Playback.

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Whether you’ve already seen your 2021 Playback or not, these tweets and memes from people who were left feeling disappointed will make you laugh.

It’s also getting unfavorable comparisons to Spotify Wrapped:

They didn’t understand the assignment, according to these Twitter users:

So many of the memes sum up what people see, which isn’t a lot:

A lot of users are seeing posts of old dates and their exes instead of more monumental moments of the year:

Other users feel like their 2021 Playback is an inaccurate representation of what happened on their Stories in the last 12 months.

If you’re unhappy with your initial Instagram 2021 Playback, remember that you can customize it to make it your own.