This Income Calculator Shows Just How Broke Millennials Really Are

A new income calculator will prove just how screwed young adults are compared to those of generations past.

Created by The Guardian, the calculator first asks you to enter your age group and country of residence.

If you are an American aged 25 to 29, you make just $1,274 more than individuals of the same age group in 1979, but with inflation, that leaves you 7.14 percent poorer overall.

Americans aged 55 to 59, on the other hand, are doing much better than the same age group in 1979.

Baby boomers make $7,620 more than the latter group and are 39.2 percent richer.

The income calculator will also compare your age group's general economic situation to those of other age groups around the world.

For individuals aged 25 to 29, you're actually better off in the US than you are in Italy, where income for the same age group sank to an incomparable level. But, incomes for young adults skyrocketed in Australia, making it the best country for that age group to work in.

While the results of this calculator may seem overwhelmingly depressing, at least you now have proof you most definitely have it worse than your older family members did when they were your age.

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