Husband Catches Cheating Wife With Drone, Hysterically Narrates Revenge Video


Someone just completely re-wrote the cheating game by catching his wife with another guy using a DRONE.

Yep, turns out you're not safe anywhere these days. The next time you walk to work in the morning, check over your right shoulder for a flying machine piloted by a suspicious husband.

A man who goes by the name "YAOG" was glad he took desperation to the next level when he caught his wife of 18 years getting into a car with another man.


He uploaded the drone footage to YouTube, opening with,

Hey guys, my name's YAOG, and recently I found out my wife's been cheating on me. Yep, great right? I caught her meeting a guy only a few blocks from my home and I got it on video.

Then he begins to narrate the video.

It shows a woman YAOG claims to be his wife walking her usual morning route to work. She can be seen circled in the picture above.

Suddenly, she heads off in another direction and makes her way toward a CVS parking lot.


YAOG says at that point he began to feel upset, adding,

If you watch carefully, you're going to be able to see 18 years go right down the drain.

Sure enough, a car swoops in and his wife leans into the driver's window to greet the man before getting in the front passenger's seat.


YAOG said he grew suspicious of his wife when she started getting "called into work early" most mornings over a two-week period.

Then he got a call from someone who tipped him off to what was going on.

He attempted to follow her to work a few times, but she actually went to work those days. After that, he pulled out the big guns and sent a drone up to spy on her.

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