Idiots Are Ignoring Evacuation Warnings And Hosting Wild 'Hurricane Parties'


The people of Florida heard the warnings from meteorologists, politicians and fellow people in the Caribbean.

They were told Hurricane Matthew was a serious storm heading their way, and they really had to hunker down. Board up the windows, secure any outside furniture and stay inside as the hurricane headed towards the coast.

But first, some Floridians decided they had to make use of the giant waves the storm was kicking up.

Yeah, that's right. A giant, deadly storm was heading straight toward them, and the people of Florida went surfing. This happened even in places on the hurricane's more direct path, like Miami Beach.

Yaniel Martinez on YouTube

But once the hurricane actually began to make landfall, the people of Florida were taking the storm seriously and were extremely prepared.

Oh, who am I kidding? For many people, the hurricane was more of an excuse to throw a party.


Floridians hung out in hot tubs as the storm was approaching. They stocked up on a ton of alcohol and invited their friends over.

They used the hashtag #HurricaneParty to show off the laughs they had in the face of the storm.


While some took it as a time for wild partying, others saw it as a good excuse for some food indulgences and even a classy dinner party.


And some bars and restaurants stayed open to serve their customers, even as their windows were boarded up.


It's often seen as a good thing to take setbacks in stride. Many of these people, I'm sure, took the warnings seriously and were properly prepared before getting properly wasted.

But it's also a massive display of ridiculousness and privilege. The hurricane killed over 330 people in Haiti. By Friday morning, over 300,000 people were left without power in Florida.

Really, the only way you could feel even remotely comfortable partying during a hurricane was if you had ample resources, including a reliable roof over your head.

Unfortunately, many people don't have that privilege.

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