Here's how to use Snap Map's My Places Tray to visit new restaurants.

Snapchat's New Places Update Makes It Super Easy To Find Cool Restaurants


by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Snapchat

Foodies, listen up, because there’s a new way to find the best restaurants while browsing your Snap Map. Snapchat launched My Places on July 28, a new Snap Map feature that allows you to get personalized recommendations for local restaurants and keep track of all your favorite eats. If you’re ready to take your foodie adventures to the next level, here’s how to use Snap Map’s My Places Tray to visit new restaurants.

Since Snapchat’s Snap Map My Places began rolling out to global users at the end of July, you’ll want to know all the details so that you can get started on your food tour. My Places helps users filter Snap Map’s over 30 million businesses so that they can find restaurants that best suit their personalized preferences.

First things first, you’ll want to head to the My Places Tray by opening up Snap Map and tapping the “Places” icon at the very bottom of the map. Once you’ve open the My Places Tray, you’ll see three main tabs — Popular, Favorites, and Visited — which will each show you different restaurants in list form as well as in marked locations on the Snap Map.

The Popular tab uses a new algorithm that’ll give you custom dining recommendations based on your location, places you’ve tagged in the past, and locations that you’ve pinned as favorites. To top it off, the algorithm also takes into account the dining preferences of your friends and your local Snapchat community to ensure that you’re being shown the most trending spots. In the Favorites tab, you can mark spots that you loved or that you’d like to try with a heart emoji. Finally, the Visited tab shows you all the restaurants you’ve checked into by tagging them in a Snap.

Courtesy of Snapchat

Of course, you can keep up with what your BFFs are doing in real-time on Snap Map, whether they’re out at your favorite brunch spot or just chillin’ at home sippin’ coffee. If you haven’t given it a shot yet, you can even go on a virtual tour of restaurants all over the world through the photos and videos that local Snapchatters share.

With Snap Maps’s new My Places Tray, finding the best spot for dinner will certainly be a breeze.