Grubhub's lowest-price and on-time delivery guarantees are clutch.

Grubhub Launched A Program To Guarantee The Lowest Prices & On-Time Delivery

The company will give you Grubhub Perks if they fall short.

by Daffany Chan
NurPhoto/NurPhoto/Getty Images

There’s a new feature on Grubhub that aims to make your food delivery experience the best yet. Grubhub Guarantee dropped on Monday, July 12, and when you know how to use Grubhub Guarantee for the lowest prices and on-time delivery, it’ll come in clutch when there’s a hiccup in your delivery. If you have an approved claim, Grubhub will make up for it in the form of a reward toward future orders. to make sure you’re not missing out, here’s everything you need to know abut the program

When “delivery” is the answer to the question, “What’s for dinner to tonight?” the last thing you want to deal with is overpaying for a meal or waiting around for your food. Sometimes it happens, though, and rather than being bummed about it, Grubhub Guarantee is here to shell out some rewards to go toward your next order. With two focuses — Lowest Price Guarantee and On-Time Guarantee — it’s pretty simply to utilize Grubhub Guarantee when the situation calls for it.

To use the Lowest Price Grubhub Guarantee after paying for your Grubhub order, all you’ll have to do is find another delivery service (DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Postmates) offering your exact order at a cheaper price. The “match price” includes all fees that apply to the order at checkout, but it doesn’t include promotions. If you find a better price that meets the Grubhub Guarantee standards, Grubhub will give you the difference in price in the form of a Grubhub Perk, which is credit that you can use for a future order on the platform. You can get up to $10 in Grubhub Perks for the price difference, and if the difference exceeds $10, Grubhub will add an additional $5 Grubhub Perk to your account (up to $15 total).


For the on-time delivery guarantee, you’ll get at least $5 in Grubhub Perks if your delivery arrives “later than the latest estimated delivery time range” than what Grubhub estimated.That means that deliveries that arrive earlier than scheduled, as well as pick-up orders, aren’t part of the guarantee.

To submit a Grubhub Guarantee claim, you can go to “Account” in your Grubhub app and then tap “Help.” Then, you’ll need to select the order you want to make a claim for, and tap “Submit order for the Grubhub Guarantee” to include the details of your claim. You’ll have a response from Grubhub within 24 hours of your submission. You can also make a claim on the claims webpage on the Grubhub website.

Keep in mind that claims need to be made within seven days of the order, and you can only submit one of each type of Grubhub Guarantee per day. If your claim is approved, you’ll receive Grubhub Perks that you can use toward a future order — and you’ll need to use them within 30 days. So, the next time your delivery is less than perfect, take a look at if you can file claim to make it right and save money on your next delivery.