Here's How To Order Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey so you don't have to cook this holiday.

Popeyes’ Cajun Style Turkey Is BACK, And Here’s How To Get One

Thanksgiving dinner was never so easy.

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You’ve probably just gotten used to the fall weather, but the holidays are coming up fast, and getting your Thanksgiving turkey fix is an important part of the season’s to-do list. Whether you’re cooking a solo feast, having a get-together, or hanging out with family virtually, Popeyes’ fan-favorite Cajun Style Turkey is a great option if you don’t want to spend all day tending to a bird. If you want to skip the kitchen as much as possible this Thanksgiving, here’s how to order Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey for a pre-made dish.

Prepping for Thanksgiving is hard work, and if you’re thinking about skipping cooking altogether to avoid the hassle, you could opt for a ready-made turkey. Popeyes describes its bird as a delicious "hand-rubbed" turkey "infused with zesty Louisiana-style seasonings." Plus, it’s pre-cooked so all you need to do is purchase, heat, and serve. The chain is selling its Cajun Style Turkey starting on Monday, Oct. 18, and they will be available at participating Popeyes locations nationwide.

Interested? Here's how to order Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey so you can make your Thanksgiving effortless.

1. Locate a Popeyes location near you.

The first step to ordering a Cajun Style Turkey is finding out if your local Popeyes has them available. You can call or visit the location to check on whether or not it will be carrying the limited-time offering. If they don’t have it in stock but they will in the future, you can also preorder as early as Oct. 18.

2. Buy a turkey as soon as possible.

If a Popeyes near you has Cajun Style Turkeys available on Oct. 18, you’ll want to act fast. If they do have them in stock, you can purchase one right away and take it home. Traditionally, Popeyes’ Cajun Style Turkeys weigh between 13 to 16 pounds, so you can expect them to feed 10-12 people. Pricing will vary by location, but in past years, they’ve started at $39.99. You’ll want to stay tuned for more info.

Courtesy of Popeyes.

3. Preorder a turkey if your location hasn't stocked them yet.

If the Popeyes’ Cajun Style Turkey isn’t available to take home from your location yet on Oct. 18, the chain suggests preordering it ASAP since they tend to sell out fast. If you have a local Popeyes location selling the birds, all you need to do to preorder your turkey is call or walk in. Then, you'll be able to pick up your turkey on a future date or schedule a specific date for pickup. Plus, you don’t need to pay upfront on the day you preorder if you’d rather wait to pay upon pickup.

And that’s it! A few short steps, and you have a delicious turkey ready to go. Popeyes' Cajun Style Turkey was first seen during Thanksgiving 2018, and now it’s back for its fourth year in a row for another year of easy dinner prep. Four years of the same recipe is how you know it’s got to be good. Just remember when you go to pick up your Popeyes’ Cajun Style Turkey, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules for a safe, as well as a delicious, meal.

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