Robert Kohlhuber

Here's How To Get Free Ticketmaster Vouchers, Thanks To This Lawsuit


There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but how about FREE MUSIC TICKETS?!

That's right. Thanks to a $400 million lawsuit, Ticketmaster is giving out free and discounted tickets to live music events.

So how do you redeem yours? Basically, you have to have bought from the website between 1999 and 2013.

If this is you, drop everything right now and head over to your Ticketmaster inbox. There might be a present or two waiting for you.

This whole thing has come about after Ticketmaster was accused of overcharging its customers who received purchases via UPS at the time.


The lawsuit explains that class members affected by this will receive credits of $2.25 or $5.00 towards a number of future purchases.

In some cases, customers will also receive free tickets for concerts hosted by Live Nation. You might get as many as 17 free tickets.

Part of the lawsuit reads,

Just log in to your account, and check the "active vouchers" section. Enjoy!

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