Score A Free Arby’s Milkshake When You Order This New Spicy Sandwich

Consider the shake a reward for handling the heat.

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Courtesy Of Arby's

Arby’s is bringing the heat — and if you can take it, you’ll also score a free milkshake. In celebration of 2022, the Atlanta-based chain launched a Diablo Dare sandwich, which promises to be so spicy you’ll want a cool, sweet sip to wash it down, and the company will grant your wish for free. If you’re game to try an ultra-spicy bite, here’s how to get a free Arby’s milkshake with the Diablo Dare sandwich.

Arby’s unveiled its limited-time Diablo Dare sandwich on Monday, Jan. 10, but before you take the spicy plunge, you’ll want to know what’s in it. The bite comes in two options: a 13-hour smoked brisket sandwich or a crispy chicken sandwich. No matter what meat you choose, the Diablo Dare features a hot mix of five spicy elements, including fire-roasted jalapeños; ghost pepper jack cheese (which is a Pepper Jack cheese made with habanero, ghost, and jalapeño peppers); a fiery hot seasoning made with habanero powder, capsicum, and cayenne red peppers; Diablo barbecue sauce (made with chili pepper, cayenne, chipotle, and habanero peppers); and a toasted red chipotle bun with chipotle pepper flakes baked in. Basically, it’s really freaking spicy.

To cool you down, you can get a free Arby’s milkshake with it. Simply order a Diablo Dare sandwich for $5.99 from an Arbys in-store. With that order, you’ll automatically get a free vanilla “Extingui-shake” snack shake to go with it. The shake is snack-sized, and you won’t be able to substitute a different flavor with the deal. You can also order it online or in the app (in the App Store and Google Play) in the “Limited Time” section of the menu if your store does online pick-up orders. However you order, make sure to grab yours before the Diablo Dare sandwich deal leaves Arby’s after Feb. 6.

As of Jan. 14, the Arby’s Diablo Dare sandwich and free shake combo is only available to get in-store at restaurant locations. It’s unclear if the Diablo Dare deal will be available to order online, through the app, or for delivery in the future.

Courtesy Of Arby's

If you’re feeling extra daring, you’ll want to get in on the brand’s Diablo Dare Hashtag Challenge on TikTok for a bit of competitive fun. Beginning Jan. 18, you can head to TikTok and use an Arby’s effect filter to share your experience with the new menu item.

According to Patrick Schwing, Chief Marketing Officer for Arby’s, the brand’s TikTok filter is a “simple and fun way to take the Diablo Dare.” Schwing says of the filter, “Simply open your mouth, and the flames begin. As you eat the sandwich and the spiciness kick in, steam comes out of your ears and tears roll down your cheeks.” If you feel like you need to give up, you can tap on the screen to “use [the] vanilla shake to extinguish the fire.” Oh, and it’s all set to a Diablo Dare remix of “Hot Hot Hot,” the famous 1982 song from Arrow.

When you upload your vid, make sure to use the hashtag #ArbysDiabloDare so others can find your challenge. Before heading out to Arby’s to give the Diablo Dare sandwich a try, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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