Here's how to get the Disney filter on Instagram to find your match.

Find Out Which Disney Character You Are With This Instagram Filter

You could be anyone from Mulan to Aladdin.

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Get ready to find out which Disney character you are with the help of a super fun AR filter. You've probably seen the Disney filter on your friends' Instagram Stories, but it's actually a little tricky to find if you don't know exactly what to do. To get in on the fun, here’s how to get the Disney filter on Instagram that’ll reveal which character you are.

Created by Instagram user @arnopartissimo, the Disney filter is so simple to use. It first went viral in January 2020, when everyone started playing around with the ~magical~ filter over the holidays. While the craze may have died down, it’s still as fun as ever to bring back in the rotation on your IG Story. If it’s fallen out of your most-used Instagram filters, here’s how you can get back the Disney filter for all the animated fun you can handle.

If you need a refresher on how the Disney character filter works, it’s pretty simple. The spinner activates as soon as you start recording in the Stories camera, and it scrolls through a range of characters above your head in a video, landing on a randomly chosen Disney character. Once you see your Disney character, you can stop recording and then save the video, share it to your Story, or send it to friends via DM. You can also try it again to get a different match if you’re unhappy with your results. TBH, you can try it as many times as you want to get the Disney character you want — but first, you'll have to find the filter.

Search For The Disney Character Filter

You can easily search in the “Effect Gallery” section of the Instagram Camera if you know which name to look for. To do so, head to your IG Camera and then scroll all the way to the right. Then, tap on the “Browse Effects” button. After you tap on it, you’ll be taken to the “Effects Gallery” page. From there, tap on the magnifying glass icon to search and type in “Which Disney” and the original one from @arnopartissimo will be the first on the list.


Get The Disney Filter Through Your Friends' Stories

You can also look through your Instagram friends' Stories to see if any of them have been using the Disney character filter.

  1. Find a friend's Story that shows the "Which Disney" filter.
  2. Click the "Which Disney" title at the top of their Story.
  3. That will bring up a menu that lists the following options: "Try It," "Save Effect," “View Effect Page,” "Send To...," and "More."
  4. Click "Save Effect" to save it to your Instagram Stories camera filters.
  5. Then, you'll be able to use the Disney filter in your Stories camera whenever you want.

Have A Friend Share It With You

If you know a friend who has the Disney character filter, you can ask them to send it to you.

All they need to do is click on the "Which Disney" filter in their Instagram Camera and select "Send To..." From there, they just select your account.

  1. Once it's in your DMs, click on the shared filter.
  2. Then, you can click the save arrow icon to save the Disney filter to your Stories camera, or just select "Try It" on the bottom left to test it out.

Find It From The Creator


If you've searched for the Disney filter and have yet to find a trace of it, don't worry. Follow these steps to get the Disney filter without searching through Stories:

  1. Search for the creator of the filter, @arnopartissimo, on your Instagram app and go to his account.
  2. On the profile page, tap on the Sparkle filters icon fourth from the left of his grid and scroll to find the “Which Disney” filter or head to his Highlights section and tap on "DISNEY.”
  3. Watch the "Which Disney" Story with the filter. Tap the "Which Disney" title at the top and save it to your Stories camera from there.

Once you have the Disney filter, you can enjoy matching yourself up with all you fave characters.

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