Here's how to get different fonts on your Instagram posts.

11 Instagram Font Generators To Totally Customize Your Posts

From cursive to blocks, there are so many options.

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When you scroll through Instagram, it’s usually all about the photos and videos, but sometimes a unique font might catch your eye. Considering there’s only one font available when posting on your Instagram feed, it’s not clear exactly how to get a new look on your grid. Odds are you've seen everything from tiny fonts to scrawling calligraphy, but it's a little tricky to get them. To make your posts pop even more, here's how to get different fonts on Instagram.

The first step to get different fonts on Instagram to use in your photos captions is to find a website or third-party app with fonts you can use for free. Most of the font websites and apps feature a similar layout, and they're pretty easy to use. To start, open one of the suggestions below using your smartphone's internet browser. You can also try to search "copy and paste fonts," which should pull up several popular font changing engines. From there, the rest is pretty simple.

How To Get Different Fonts On Your Instagram Feed:

  1. Once you’ve opened a font engine or font app, type or paste your text into the text block window, and hit enter.
  2. Next, choose a font to use in your caption and copy the text.
  3. Open Instagram, and start drafting a post. Once you get to the description box, long press and tap "Paste." Your text should appear in your chosen font.

If you’re using a desktop computer, you can copy the text and paste it into a Google Doc, an email, or some other app you have linked to your phone. Otherwise, you can paste it directly from your computer into Instagram’s browser app and create a post from there. To get started, here are some useful font generators.:


Open in your browser, type your text, and tap the enter or back button on your keyboard. Scroll through the fonts to find one you like. If you don't see one you like, tap the button that reads "Load more fonts" to preview more options. You can also choose "Design your own font," and play around with swapping out different font types for each letter.


If you head to's text generator, you'll see plenty of font options. Type your text into the box, find one you like, and tap the "Copy" button next to the text. You can also click on the “Decorate” button beside the font to add text caption decorations like emojis and symbol combinations.

Cool Symbol

3.'s Fancy Font Generator

You can use's free fancy font generator by typing your text into the text box, scrolling to find the font of your choice, and then tapping where it says "Click to copy to clipboard." It’s also one of the more user-friendly options.

4. Fontalic Instagram Fonts

Fontalic is another free website that offers an Instagram fonts generator. Type your text in, and don't let the small pink font box fool you. At first glance, it appears there are a few different options, but scroll within the box and you'll find too many to count, and there’s also a “Load More” button. You'll need to do a long-press to copy your chosen text.


5. LingoJam's Fonts For Instagram

LingoJam's Fonts for Instagram works similarly to Fontalic's. Make sure you scroll within the text generator's box to see more options. You can also use the "Design Your Own Font" tool if you're feeling creative, but clicking that option takes you to


6. Cool Fonts App For iOS

The Cool Fonts app for iOS lets you download a font keyboard with preloaded font options. You can use them directly in Instagram by installing the app after you’ve given the app permissions. Swap your keyboard for the Cool Fonts keyboard when you post, and you’ll be able to choose new font options as you type on your phone.

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7. offers quite a few fonts and also gives a visual preview of what it’ll look like on your Instagram profile. Once you’ve found something you like, you can copy and paste it on Instagram.

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8. Font Changer & Fonts Keyboard For Android

The Font Changer and Fonts Keyboard for Android is free and offers a convenient way to find a cool font, preview it, and copy it directly on your phone by long-pressing so you can paste it into Instagram from there. With categories like “Stylish Text” and “Emoji Text,” you’ll definitely want to play around with different looks.

App Store.

9. Good Fonts Cursive Keyboard

If you’re looking for a variety of fonts to use directly from your iPhone, the Good Fonts Cursive Keyboard app offers an easy copy and paste interface. You can add one of the app’s custom keyboards to your phone to use the special fonts in any app.

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10. Free Font Keyboard Apps

For more options, you can search"free font keyboard" on the App Store or Google Play. Some options include Fonts for You for iPhone or Stylish Text for Android. Download the app and select it as your keyboard before typing up your caption in Instagram.

There are so many options out there, so try them out and see how you can make your IG captions shine.

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