Chipotle is serving all its burritos with gold foil starting on July 23.

Chipotle Is Serving Burritos In Gold Foil In Honor Of The Olympics

Plus, take advantage of a winning delivery promo.

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Chipotle is giving Team USA fans a chance at gold — for their burritos, that is. In honor of the 2021 Summer Olympics, Chipotle is serving all its burritos in gold foil starting on July 23 — and it’s such a fun way to show your support. Here’s how to get Chipotle's gold foil burritos for the 2021 Olympics and bling out your order.

When the Tokyo Olympics officially kick off with the opening ceremony on Friday, July 23, participating Chipotle locations will be serving burritos wrapped in ‘Gram-worthy gold foil instead of the standard silver wrapping for a limited time. Unfortunately, this wrapping doesn’t come with other entrée items, meaning you’re out of luck if you order a burrito bowl or the company’s new quesadilla.

ICYMI, this isn’t the first time Chipotle has swapped out its regular wrapping for a gold-hued one: Fans might remember the company did so in 2011 to celebrate its 18th anniversary. However, this time, the temporary color swap is a fun way to cheer on Team USA as the athletes representing the United States competes in the Summer Olympics (and hopefully score some gold medals). Beginning July 23 while supplies last, you can automatically get the gold foil burrito wrapping when you order a burrito in-restaurant at Chipotle locations and through digital orders for pickup and delivery, no promo or code word needed.

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Want to enjoy your gold foil-covered burrito at home? As long as you order through the Chipotle mobile app, burritos that are delivered will come with the limited-edition gold wrapping. You can also score a $0 delivery fee when you order a minimum of $10 worth of food or drink on the Chipotle app and from July 23 through Aug. 1. Keep in mind this deal won’t be valid with third-party delivery apps and you can expect delivered menu items to be priced a little higher than if you ordered them in-restaurant.

While it’s fun to celebrate with a gold foil-wrapped burrito from afar, it’s important to note that the Olympic Games are under heavy scrutiny due to COVID-related issues. In addition to the current state of emergency in Tokyo, an increase in COVID-19 cases (especially with the rise of the Delta variant), there is also a low vaccination rate in Japan. There have been more than 70 COVID-19 cases tied to the Games as of July 21, according to CNN.

It’s also important to remember that when picking up your gold foil-wrapped burrito, you’ll want to make sure to follow the CDC guidelines for the most updated public health rules.

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