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Keep Your TikTok FYP Page Custom AF With This Hack

Only fire videos allowed.

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It’s happened to everyone — you’re scrolling TikTok’s “For You Page,” and you find a video you don’t like, but you’re not sure how to keep the app from showing you content you’re not interested in. Luckily, there are a few ways to block TikTok videos from your For You Page. Here’s everything you’ll want to know about blocking specific videos and keeping your feed customized.

The TikTok algorithm for its For You Page is customizable when you take specific actions, but you’ll want to be consistent to keep it how you want. The first thing you’ll need to know is how TikTok’s For You Page works. The algorithm behind the suggested videos considers a few factors, including your interactions on the app, such as what you like and share, who you follow, and which videos you comment on. If you create videos, the algorithm also takes your content style into account. TikTok’s For You Page also suggests vids based on information like captions, sounds, and hashtags. Once you start interacting with TikToks in your feed, you’ll notice the For You Page changing. One of the best ways to clean up your page is to let TikTok know you don’t like a video.

To do this, you can block TikTok videos from your For You Page, but it’s not the same as tapping a “Block” button. You’ll have a few options to block videos. If there’s a specific TikTok video you don’t like, you can long-press on it to pull up an options menu. The third option down will say “Not Interested.” If you have no issue checking out the creator’s other videos and don’t want this specific TikTok in your feed, tap “Not Interested” to remove it. This will also make the algorithm show you fewer TikToks that are similar to what you disliked.

If you dislike the TikTok video and also dislike the sound it uses, you can tap where it says “More” on the “Not Interested” option and select “Hide videos with this sound” to keep any content with that track out of your feed. Finally, if you don’t want to see any TikToks from a specific creator, you can select the “Hide videos from this user” option under the same section to remove them from your FYP.

When these options aren’t exactly what you want, you can also block a user in the traditional sense, which should remove their content from your For You Page and prevent them from contacting you on the app or commenting on your own content. To do this, tap on the user’s profile picture in the bottom-right corner on one of their TikToks. On their profile page, look for the three dots icon in the top-right corner and tap it. Find where it says “Block” and select it. If you block a user and want to unblock them later, you can do that by following the same steps and tapping “Unblock.”


Once you know how to block TikTok videos from your For You Page, you should start to see your feed changing. But remember, if you really want to optimize your page, you should also hit like and comment on posts you love. The more you interact with videos, the more customized your TikTok For You Page will be.