Here's how to apply to's holiday side hustle job worth $1,000.

Get Paid $1K To Drink Hot Chocolate This Winter

That’s one sweet paycheck.

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If you treat prepping for cozy season like a full-time job, or consider yourself to be a hot chocolate connoisseur, this winter season gig is definitely for you. is looking for the best hot chocolate mix on the market, and wants you to be the one who decides. That means you’ll get to spend the season sipping on free cocoa, and even get to make a whopping $1,000 in the process. Here’s how to apply to’s Hot Chocolate Tester holiday side hustle job.

Lifestyle platform is on a mission to find the greatest hot chocolate mix out there, and wants winter’s biggest fan to take on the sweet side hustle with the 2021 Hot Chocolate Tester gig. But don’t worry, the job won’t interfere with your downtime — you probably already do this every night, anyway. All you have to do to earn that $1,000 check is try a selection of hot cocoa mixes and give your honest review. No, really, it’s that simple.

So how do you win the honor of being the’s resident hot chocolate expert? First, you’ll have to apply at before midnight on Dec. 15, and explain why you deserve to be the authority on all things hot chocolate. From there, the Wishlisted team will pick the lucky cocoa candidate, and, if chosen, you’ll receive a variety of popular hot chocolate mixes to review at no expense to you.

Not only that, but you’ll also win a year-long subscription to Netflix and an extra cozy blanket so you can take the hot chocolate-tasting experience to the next level with an endless supply of holiday movies and good vibes. Finally, after all your reviews are sent in, you’ll be gifted with that good-good $1,000 prize as a thank you.

The winner will be announced on Dec. 17. Keep in mind you must be 18 years or older to enter, and you can find the full list of terms and conditions here.

Making a little extra cash has never been easier (or tastier). Seriously, the hardest part of 2021 Hot Chocolate Tester job will be making sure you don’t burn your tongue on your delicious hot cocoa.