You could win a trip to Mexico to see how Jose Cuervo tequila is made.

You Could Win $1K & A Trip To Mexico With This Jose Cuervo Contest

Your love of tequila is about to pay off.

Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Jose Cuervo is offering tequila-lovers the chance to rep their fave cocktail with a huge prize package. Whether your go-to is a margarita or another classic tequila cocktail, the brand wants you to apply for an official role as a Tequila Cabinet member, and the position offers some serious perks. If you’re ready to enter for a chance to score a free trip to Mexico — plus a $1,000 prize — here’s how to apply for Jose Cuervo’s Tequila Cabinet.

Cuervo unveiled the Tequila Cabinet competition on Tuesday, June 15, and there are five titles up for grabs. Inspired by searches for “cocktail recipes,” which according to Google Trends, almost doubled from March 2019 to March 2020, Jose Cuervo wants to help keep the ultimate tequila fans stocked, and give them a trip to remember. The ideal candidates are “tequila aficionados” 21 or older who are a pro at creating classic tequila cocktails.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can apply by heading to Jose Cuervo’s official Cabinet Contest website. From there, you’ll submit a video stating why you’d make the perfect addition to the Jose Cuervo Tequila Cabinet and which position you’d fit. The five positions up for grabs take inspo from some of the most popular tequila cocktails: Chief Margarita Officer (CMO), Chief Paloma Officer (CPO), Chief Tequila Sunrise Officer (CTSO), Chief Bloody Maria Officer (CBMO), and for straight-up tequila fans, the Chief Tequila Officer (CTO).

In addition to why you’re a good fit, you’ll need to make an original tequila cocktail and share the recipe in the video. Cuervo’s judges will choose entries based on your Tequila Cabinet spirit, creativity, and recipe originality. Before submitting, make sure your video is under three minutes long because longer vids won't count. You’ll also need a valid U.S. passport to be eligible for the grand prize. Once you’re ready, submit your entry by 11:59 p.m. ET on Tuesday, July 6.

Courtesy of Jose Cuervo

The Tequila Cabinet winners will be selected around July 23. If you win, you’ll receive fun perks, including the chance to have a say in future cocktail recipes published on and a year-long title on the Tequila Cabinet. In addition, you’ll get a Cuervo “Corporate Card” gift card worth $1,000 to use for crafting your own cocktails and an all-expenses-paid trip to Tequila, Mexico, for you and a guest to be scheduled within a year. The trip will include a visit to La Rojeña, the oldest active tequila distillery in Latin America where they produce Jose Cuervo, a ride on the Jose Cuervo Express train’s new Elite Wagon, a four-day, three-night stay at the Hotel Solar de las Ánimas, and chance to tour the Jose Cuervo agave fields with expert farmers. You’ll also score exclusive event access to the first Tequila Cabinet meeting with other grand prize winners.

The brand will also award 20 first prizes, which include a Jose Cuervo tote bag full of $75 worth of sweet merch, including a koozie, hat, bandana, and tee shirt. So, what are you waiting for? Start testing out your OG tequila cocktail recipes and get to filming ASAP — you just might be what Jose Cuervo is looking for.

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