Here's how to add original audio to Instagram Reels for peak customization.

You Can Add Original Audio To Instagram Reels For Super Customized Vids

Take your IG game to the next level.

by Cianna Garrison and Daffany Chan
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Instagram Reels is certainly one of the best ways to create and share short video clips on the Instagram app. Of course, since the editing features are integrated in the app itself, you can easily personalize your clips. As you start creating, here's how you can add original audio to Instagram Reels for a custom touch.

In case you need a refresher, Instagram Reels gives users a way to watch and create up to 60-second, multi-clip videos — just like TikTok's fan-favorite video creation features. When you're filming, there are several elements you can incorporate such as original audio and effects. To choose your audio, you can either add a song from an artist in the Facebook music library by tapping the music note button on the left side of the screen, or you can use original audio.

It’s not immediately apparent how to add original audio to your Reel, but it's actually pretty simple to do. Rather than uploading a track from the music options, you'll simply record the original audio directly in a Reels video. Whatever sounds you end up recording in the video will become your original audio track. So, whether you're getting super creative with original audio of your own or just talking, the recording will appear in your video as "original audio."

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Once you've created a Reel with an original audio track, you can also reuse it in other videos. Likewise, you can use original audio from other users' Reels by selecting the track that says "Original Audio" at the bottom of the video you're watching. This will bring up a page with an option that says "Use Audio" at the bottom. Select "Use Audio," and you'll be taken to the Reels section of the Stories Camera, so you can start recording with that audio clip. Original audio will always be credited to the original creator and will appear as such in the top track title. You can also save the original track by tapping “Save Audio” at the top.

ICYMI, you can find Instagram Reels to watch at the top of the Explore section. When you tap the featured "Reels" you'll be able to scroll through videos in a format almost identical to TikTok. To create your own, head to the Stories Camera, where you'll find the option on the bottom selection to the right of the "Story" option. If your account is public, you can choose to share your Reels with anyone in the Explore tab, or only share the video with your followers by uploading it to your Story or sending via a Direct Message. You'll also have the option to upload it as a post in the feed.

Now that you know how to add original audio to Reels, you can get creative with your clips like never before.

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