Insane Video Shows How Easily Anyone Can Walk Around With A Hidden Rifle

In the aftermath of yet another American tragedy, the mass shooting in Orlando last week, there's been a lot of reflecting on just how easy it can be for insanely dangerous weapons to get into the wrong hands.

We know, for instance, it can take an absurdly brief amount of time for a person to get his or her hands on an assault rifle, particularly the types that have been used in this country's most infamous shootings.

We also know a 13-year-old, who can neither smoke nor drink, can purchase a handgun.

But, it seems there hasn't been much talk about how easily a shooter could hide weapons while walking in public. Now, one Facebook user has shown us.

Earlier this past week, Rob Buck posted an 83-second video that showed just how simply he could conceal his assault rifle -- an AR-15, which was used during the Orlando shooting -- along with several rounds for reloading.

He also had a handgun on his person, with multiple clips as well. Buck didn't need any heavy coats or a special belt to conceal his weapons, either. All he needed was jeans and a polo shirt.

It's that simple. Check out the player above about for the striking video.

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