These Home Depot Halloween decorations include spooky skeletons and witches.
12 Last-Minute Home Depot Halloween Decorations Include A Viral Skeleton Dupe

The candy corn witch is low-key the cutest in the bunch.

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Decking out your place for spooky season is always a good time, and even if you’ve waited until the last minute, there’s still time to get your place ready for Halloween. Spots like Home Depot have plenty of decorations you can have shipped or pick up well before Oct. 31, but just make sure not to procrastinate much longer. Take a look at these 12 Home Depot Halloween decorations you can score for some last-minute scary season vibes.

You’ve probably seen the viral 12-foot skeletons all over the internet since it landed at Home Depot in July 2021. Unfortunately, they’re both totally sold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get in the spirit. As of Oct. 15, Home Depot still has plenty of Halloween decorations, and no matter your budget, you can still make your pad spooky with options as low as $10.

Choose from Halloween inflatables, tabletop decor, The Nightmare Before Christmas themes, and imposing animated figures. The best part is, you can have most items shipped straight to your door. To get your decorations ASAP, you can also check to see if it’s in stock at a location near you. Here are some of the fun (and scary) decorations you have to choose from.

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Pumpkin Scarecrow

This cute pumpkin scarecrow isn’t scary at all, so if you’re going for a less scary decor theme for Halloween, it’s a great choice. Featuring a convenient yard stake and measuring 6 feet tall, no matter where you place it, it’ll stand out perfectly.


Cute Candy Corn Inflatable

These festive candy corn characters measure 4 feet tall when inflated. One candy corn is dressed like a cat, while the other looks like a vampire. It’s self-inflating and comes with tethers and stakes for easy setup, plus features LED lights for nighttime visibility.


Animated Wolf Skeleton

This 30-inch skeleton wolf features animated, light-up red eyes, a tilting head, and a spine-chilling howling sound.


Animated Spider

This 4-foot tall animated spider features a purple furry texture and eyes that spin around. The LED lights in its eyes and body add a festive touch and make it easy to see from afar. TBH, it’s got more of a Monsters Inc. vibe than anything scary, so it’s a good choice if you’re keeping the creep factor lower this Halloween.


Skeleton Fog Machine

This decoration can serve a dual purpose. This coffin-shaped device looks spooky and can pass as a graveyard tomb, complete with a skeleton, but it’s also a functional fog machine with a handy automatic shut-off feature.


King Of The Underworld

This 72-inch animated skeleton is the king of the underworld, and he features a moving mouth, white LED eyes, and a moving torso. He says four spooky phrases, including “Bow down, you petulant guttersnipe,” and carries a skeleton scepter with red light-up eyes. And, of course, he can’t be king without a crown and his features blood-red jewels.


Hanging Oogie Boogie Inflatable

This 4-foot Oogie Boogie inflatable is the perfect addition to your decor outside. Great for small spaces like an apartment balcony with a spot to hang him, The Nightmare Before Christmas inflatable features LED lights and self-inflates.


Inflatable Spooky Halloween Tree

This 9-foot tall inflatable Halloween tree features two Jack-O-lanterns, a ghost, and an owl, plus a sign that says “Happy Halloween. It’s made with durable, weather-resistant polyester and LED lights, plus it automatically inflates.


Candy Corn Witch

This 35-inch candy corn wearing a witch hat features 80 LED lights and comes with ground stakes if you’re putting it outdoors. It’s also a cute addition to your indoor decor with its petite size.


Creepy Gargoyle Gravestone

This 33-inch gargoyle sits on top of a weathered tombstone with LED green eyes. It’s conveniently battery-operated, so you can place it wherever you’d like.


Skeleton Inflatable

The viral 12-foot skeleton that took over TikTok has sold out, but you can still get a substitute if you’re hoping for a tall bag of bones. Even though it’s an inflatable, this skeleton is almost as tall, measuring 10 feet, and it features a creepy grin as stands behind his tombstone.


Trio Of Sitting Skeletons

These creepy skeletons sit snugly on your shelf and echo the ancient Japanese proverb, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Their legs are jointed, so you can pose them how you’d like, and they truly have some mini vibes because they’re only 8 inches tall.

Once you’ve got all your items ready, you can get to the fun part — decorating.

There are plenty of other Halloween options at the Home Depot if you’re looking for more creepy inspiration. If you decide to head into a Home Depot store, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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