HS Couple Discusses How A 'First Love' Will Be Able To Last In College (Video)


It seems like only yesterday Ali and Andrew tore our hearts out and reminded us of the divine suffering of love, loss, betrayal and forgiveness.

Viewers thought they’d never recover from the last video, which is part of a documentary series about relationships called "The And," and the newest installment takes us back to the raw nerve of first love.

High school sweethearts Isobel and Adam hunker their presumably dimple-free, teenage butts down for a chat about falling for each other and their fears of the future.

Isobel is outrageously wise for a high schooler. I hope to be as emotionally sage by the time I reach 30, but I won’t hold my breath.

When discussing the loss of Adam’s mother, Isobel tells him,

Would it be weird to ask this teenage girl to be my shrink? Yes, definitely? OK, bummer.