Hero Rite Aid Employee Takes On Shoplifter In Epic Wrestling Battle



One alleged shoplifter in Hillsboro, Oregon didn't get off scot-free. Rule number one of shoplifting: Don't mess with Rite Aid unless you have a prescription for PAIN.

A hero employee of the chain detained the alleged shoplifter, after she reportedly took two items from the store, by holding onto her purse (where the items were stowed).

What resulted was a clash of titans the likes of which haven't been seen since, uh, "Clash of the Titans."


The employee said,

We're going to call the police and deal with this the right way.

The last time I saw a tug-of-war this intense was during my elementary school's field day in second grade, when I lost in front of the entire student body. Just like this Rite Aid, I was robbed.

The alleged shoplifter said,

You know what happens to you when you insult someone? You'll go to fucking jail.

Actually, insulting someone isn't really a crime. What is a crime is shoplifting and in Oregon, you could face up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for that.

Ten years? A quarter of $1 million? Whoa, sounds like the same penal system Jean Valjean from "Les Mis" suffered under, right?

Of course, the grappling employee had the ultimate comeback and called her bluff,

Good, good. When the police get here, we'll see.

But before police would arrived, the two would continue their feisty tango over the purse.

The employee plainly told her she can't shoplift here, she agreed and asked to leave with her purse.

Well, the employee refused and then, she kicked him.

At one point, the would-be thief tried to ask another employee for help.

But the employee was like, "nah, I'm good. Also, the po' are on their way." I'm paraphrasing of course.

The alleged shoplifter attempted to punch and kick the worker at various times throughout the video. The two also had an altercation in the parking lot, which is where the employee managed to bring her back from.

Though she tried to escalate physically, the employee never lost his composure and subdued her multiple times, pleading with her to "stop."

One of these "take downs" resulted in the alleged shoplifter's glasses falling off. Someone call LensCrafters.

Eventually, the alleged shoplifter gave up her purse... after roughly four minutes of wrestling (something that would have me exhausted).


Finally, the cavalry arrived.

Let this be a lesson for anyone who wants to steal from a Rite Aid.

Sorry, but it's basically Fort Knox.

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