You can get Instagram's celebrity look-alike filter to find your celeb twin.

Find Your Celeb Look-Alike With This Viral IG Filter

Get ready to find your A-list twin!

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There's an AR filter on Instagram that'll match you with your celebrity doppelgänger. The filter that shows what celebrity you look like uses an AR picker to showcase some of the most recognizable celebs of the moment, including Tom Holland, Billie Eilish, JoJo Siwa, and Harry Stiles. If you're ready to dive in, here's how to get Instagram's celebrity look-alike filter to share your star match with your followers.

This may seem like déjà vu, since there have been quote a few filters claiming to show you an A-list celeb look-alike, but the latest from Instagrammer @emmasofija shows you what half of your face would look like if it was the celebrity the filter decides you look like. Her celebrity twin filter is also available on TikTok, and it started popping on the app in late January 2022. With so many places to find your doppelgänger, you’ll need to know where to look on each app.

Also, it's always best to take these AR filters with a grain of salt, since it seems like the results are pretty random — but they are fun nonetheless. And who couldn’t use a little more content on their ‘Gram?

Search for the celebrity look-alike filter:

Searching for the celebrity look-alike Instagram filter is probably the easiest way to find it. To do so, head to your Instagram Camera by tapping the plus sign (+) from the top of the home page. From there, select the “Story” option and scroll all the way to the right until you see the “Browse Effects” icon (a magnifying glass).

In the Effects Gallery, tap the magnifying glass in the top-right corner and search for the celebrity filter by typing “your celebrity twin” or “your celebrity lookalike.” Make sure you tap on the effects from @emmasofija. From there, you can tap on the option “Try It” in the left bottom corner or save it to your Stories Camera by selecting the down arrow button from the bottom menu.


(FYI, if you’re looking for the viral “You Look Like” filter from January 2022, search “You Look Like” filter from the creator @juliataskaeva.)

Find it from the Creator:

If you don't see the celebrity look-alike filter on your friends' Stories, you'll want to go to the creator's Instagram profile, which is @emmasofija. Select the stars image just above her home grid, and you'll be taken to a page showcasing all the filters that she has created. Tap on the “celebrity twin” or “celebrity lookalike” filters to try them. Both filters have a similar effect, but Sofija said on her IG the “celebrity lookalike” has more celeb twin options.


Find it from a friend:

If you see one of your friends using the celebrity look-alike filter on their Instagram Story, you just have to tap where you see the name of the filter at the top of the video. This will prompt you to save or try the feature. You can also have a friend send it to you from their Instagram app. To send an AR filter, open it in your Instagram camera, tap the name of the filter at the bottom of your screen, and then tap the little paper airplane icon that says "Send to."

Beyond providing filter fun for millions of users, Sofija has also gone viral for how similar she looks to Margot Robbie.

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Again, it's hard to vouch for the accuracy of this filter, but Sofija’s results are pretty on point. Try it out and let your friends tell you what they think once you share your results.

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