These Halloween TikTok Starbucks drinks include so many spooky twists on favorites.

9 TikTok-Approved Halloween Starbucks Drinks Include Witch’s Brew And Pumpkin Queen

Spooky season coffee run, here I come.

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If your Halloween countdown involves sipping on festive drinks from Starbucks, you’ll want to swap out that PSL once in a while for something different. Although the Seattle-based chain offers plenty of fall options that are perfect for your All Hallow’s Eve celebrations, TikTok is also full of barista-approved recipes that are spook-tacular sips. When you’re feeling adventurous and on the hunt for your fave witches brew, these Halloween TikTok Starbucks drinks will hit the spot.

As you’re looking for the perfect pick-me-ups in the days leading up to Halloween, you’ll probably want to add some variety to your Starbucks runs. Thankfully, these Halloween TikTok Starbucks drinks are from real baristas and Starbucks enthusiasts who know the perfect sip can make or break your day. From sweet sips to options for people who want to caff-up but skip the coffee, these Halloween options are spooky, sweet, and Instagram-worthy. Remember when you order these secret creations that aren’t on the menu, you’ll want to let your barista know exactly what goes in it.

1. Witches Brew Tea

This customized Starbucks sip from TikToker @misselenaious is a hot take on passion tea. To get one, order a venti Iced Passion Tango Tea with soy milk (or your choice of milk). Then, add cold foam with matcha powder mixed in. If you’re ordering in the app, you can also customize it by adding matcha powder on its own.


2. Iced Pumpkin Chai

TikToker @strabiefanta shared this fun twist on a chai. To try it for yourself, ask for a grande or venti Chai Tea Latte with oat milk. Next, ask for two or more pumps of pumpkin spice sauce and a generous sprinkle of pumpkin spice topping.

3. Bloody Vampire Frappuccino

If you’re looking for a Twilight-inspired frappuccino, this Bloody Vampire Frappuccino from TikToker Casey Rosenberg is a sweet sip. Order a grande Strawberry Crème Frappuccino and add white mocha syrup instead of sweetener and strawberry purée. Then, ask for whipped cream and a mocha drizzle on top.

4. Pumpkin Queen

This sip from barista TikToker @kioskbachelorette is a perfect choice for when you want to skip the java. To get one, ask for a grande Iced Matcha Tea Latte with oat milk. Then add one to two pumps of chai syrup and top it off with pumpkin cream cold foam.

5. Pumpkin Caramel Sip

This Halloween Starbucks drink from TikToker @shelby_meek is a twist on a classic vanilla sip. To order it, get a venti Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino, ask for an extra-generous caramel drizzle in the cup, and finish it off with pumping cream cold foam.


6. Vampire Blood Tea

This festive tea idea from TikToker @plague.dr_judas is a fruity take — and really looks like blood. Order a venti Iced Green Tea Lemonade and ask for no liquid cane sweetener. Then, add strawberry purée and top it with some Passion Tango Tea. Make sure to ask for the tea layered, not shaken, if you want to keep the appearance from looking too much like strawberry.

7. Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

This easy switch-up comes courtesy of TikToker @halloween_vibes146. Though they didn’t list the full recipe, it’s easy enough to recreate. First, order a grande Hot Chocolate. Then, add one to two pumps of pumpkin sauce, and top off the sip with whipped cream if desired.

8. Pumpkin White Mocha Cold Brew

To order this sip from TikToker @madisyn_eve, ask for a venti Cold Brew with Milk, and then add two pumps of pumpkin sauce and two pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce. If you’d like, top it off with pumpkin cream cold foam for the perfect finish. You can also recreate this if you order a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and add white mocha, though you might want to add two pumps of pumpkin sauce and skip the vanilla syrup.

9. Chocolatey Matcha

This Halloween twist on matcha is from TikToker @ bennys.adventures.


Once you try this Halloween TikTok Starbucks sips, you just might be skipping your go-to all month long.