Hitting Up The Gym When You're Pissed Off Could Kill You

You ever get so mad you just want to pump some iron at the gym, bruh?

I haven't -- for two reasons. I am never mad, ever.

And also I never exercise, because I always knew it was dangerous and would kill me.

Now, I have proof. 

While many have tried to foolishly explain to me that not only is exercise good for my physical health, but also my mental help by boosting up those endorphins, I have always known the truth.

Exercise... and you will die. (Eventually, as we all do, I guess.)

New research, which was published in the Heart Association journal Circulation, says that working out may improve your mood when you're angry, but it may hurt your body.

Out of 12,461 heart attack patients polled, they found that one in seven people were angry or upset, or had physical exertion, within an hour leading up to their heart attack.

However, people were three times more likely to have a heart attack if they felt mad AND participated in physical activity in the same amount of time.

The study isn't perfect -- they corollate angry exercise and heart attacks without a cause and effect -- but it does add up. Strong emotions and working out both raise blood pressure and heart rate.

Couple that with clogged arteries and you have a perfect storm.

And a heart attack is not as catchy as Demi Lovato would have you believe...

That said, most of the people included in the study were male and had an average age of 58, so maybe you're fine?

But why risk it?

Here's what I do if I ever feel angry. Get yourself some extra cozy pajamas, curl up in bed with your favorite glass of wine (or 16 shots of vodka) and just cry it out.

It's super healthy! Trust me, I have not had a heart attack yet.

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