Guy Is Jailed After Posting Revenge Porn Of Ex On Facebook

Emma Sutcliffe just wanted to break up with her boyfriend of two years like an adult.

But her ex, David Derbyshire, decided to react like a rejected teen boy and, in the process, got himself thrown in jail.

Sutcliffe, 42, broke up with Derbyshire, 35, in April of this year. Their relationship had gone south after Derbyshire started drinking heavily and picking fights.

He was making her life miserable and she was worried for her children.


The mother of three said,

The very next day, Sutcliffe was at home with her 4-year-old daughter Lexi when she got a Facebook friend request from someone using her name.

The Facebook account was also using her photos. Except it was using naked photos she had taken over the course of her relationship with Derbyshire.

Sutcliffe said,

Instead of being a mature, law-abiding adult about the break-up, Derbyshire used the photos from their relationship to retaliate against Sutcliffe.

This is a crime known as revenge porn. It's when a person uses intimate pictures against another person.

Derbyshire sent friend requests to everyone she knew, including friends, family and her boss. Her 12-year-old daughter Georgia also got a request and saw the naked pictures.


Sutcliffe said,

Sutcliffe asked Debyshire to stop the harassment and he mockingly refused.

Daily Mail

He created another Facebook profile and started sending messages to people she knows. She said,

Revenge porn is a crime. Derbyshire was charged with disclosing a private sexual photograph or film with the intent to cause distress.

He was sentenced to a suspended eight weeks in prison and a 15-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

Sutcliffe said,

To which we say: Emma, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

And I just want to warn men to be cautious when taking saucy pics and sharing them as a form of retaliation after a break-up.

It might feel like a bit of fun at the time, but it can have dire consequences.

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