Guy Proposes To GF Next To Massive Waterfall And It Goes Horribly Wrong

Inside Edition

A man got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend, perhaps initiating what had to be the happiest moment of their lives. Then, things went down the drain... literally.

The tragic fail happened when a Georgia man named Isaiah Adams asked for Grace Scott's hand in marriage near a waterfall in Maryland.

After she said "yes," it was time to put the ring on that very hand.

Inside Edition

But Adams lost his grip on the ring, and into the water it went.

At that point in the video, it becomes very noticeable the person holding the camera has begun to panic. The video loses its focus on the couple because HOLY CRAP, THEY JUST LOST THE RING!

In an interview with Inside Edition, Scott explained how she felt at the time. She said,

I was crying with happiness, but then I was crying with fear at the same time. I looked up and his face was just shock.

There isn't a happy ending to this particular story, either. The ring was never found.

But the big picture is important, too.

Adams and Scott still plan to get married. To that, I say, "Ouch."

That man is definitely going to have to buy another ring.

It could be worse, though. They could have, you know, DIED.

I mean, do you see that waterfall? Instead of the ring falling, the man could've slipped and fallen on those (presumably) slippery rocks himself.

Note to self: Choose a stable foundation for your own proposal.

This incident is right up there with the time a man lost a ring in the cuff of his girl's jeans after he proposed to her at Yankee Stadium.

Can you guys please stop proposing in awkward places? Like, for real... for the sake of your rings.

OK, super-mini rant over. Congratulations to these two.

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