Elmira Naymark Sues Ron Ozer Over $75k Abortion Offer

A young mother is suing her ex-lover after he allegedly tried to offer her $75,000 to have an abortion.

Elmira Naymark, 32, claims hedge-fund manager Ron Ozer, 29, branded her "disgusting" and "white trash" after their relationship breakdown earlier this year, reports the New York Post.

The couple met through mutual friends in 2013.

They traveled the world for over two and a half years, enjoying a whirlwind romance. Ozer showered her with gifts, including diamond earrings and a New Year's trip to Miami.


But the relationship took a U-turn in January this year when Naymark revealed she was pregnant with his child.

Lawsuit papers from Manhattan Supreme Court claim Ozer told Naymark to visit the clinic and "take a pill."

Things turned uglier when she told Ozer she was keeping the baby.

He would tell Naymark he hated her and hurled abuse at her.


The situation came to a head when Ozer allegedly got his friend to text Naymark with a cash offer in exchange for getting rid of the baby. The friend allegedly said,

He wants to help you out and take care of this. This isn't the only chance for you to have children. You don't have to force this and do it alone. He'd be willing to offer a lump sum of money to you. I'm sure he would have no problem with 50k to 75,000+.

The friend later went on to suggest freezing her eggs and having fertility treatments when she eventually has a husband.

Naymark gave birth to the baby in September. Now she's suing her former lover for child support. She wants health insurance for the baby and funding for private schools and summer camps in line with Ozer's lifestyle.

Ozer reportedly owns a $2 million home in the city's West Village and works on multi-million dollar deals specializing in natural gas.

His home's previous owner is said to be Robert De Niro.

Ozer's lawyer has not commented on the case.

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