This Guy Publicly Accused His Fiancée Of Cheating And Was So, So Wrong

by Sheena Sharma
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Disclaimer of the day: If you're going to accuse your fiancée of cheating on you, just make sure you have the proof to back it up. And I'm talking real proof, like photos of your fiancée kissing someone else, not just out with someone else.

This guy jumped to conclusions WAY too soon when he publicly accused his fiancee of cheating on him.

He'd planned on going to Nevada for a few days for a bachelor party. His fiancée told him that while he was away, she was going to hang out with her cousin, Stacey. However, while he was in Nevada, this guy's friend texted him to tell him that he saw the fiancée out with some other guy.

So he came BACK from Nevada, followed his fiancée and the other guy around and then posted photos of the two of on Facebook.

He told the world - yes, the world - that his fiancee was a "liar" and a "cheater" before even knowing if his accusations were true. Her photos with this anonymous guy were plastered all over the Internet without her knowledge or permission.

But oh, was he (and his friend) wrong. So. Wrong. THE GUY WAS IN FACT HER COUSIN STACEY.

This story is too good, so you should just read it for yourself. Read it and weep for the love that could have been, but couldn't because the guy was just too dumb (men are always so dumb, but don't get me started on that):

TIFU by publicly accusing my fiancee of cheating on me from tifu

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