This Grocery Store Is Not Allowing Minors To Buy Eggs During Halloween Week

by Stacey Leasca

It looks like years of devilish behavior are finally catching up to the mischievous teens of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

According to Reddit user Tkachenko, his local grocery store, Redner's Market, is attempting to crack down on the Halloween tradition of egging houses.

Tkachenko posted, "My local supermarket posted this," with a photo:

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This isn't the first time the market chain has attempted to curb the number of eggings. In 2014, the market issued a chain-wide ban on selling eggs to minors.

Adam Fletcher, director of the nonprofit youth advocacy group The Freechild Project, told Huffington Post people really should just trust kids more. Fletcher said,

Ultimately, this sign exposes distrust, disdain and even antipathy towards people under 18 and their parents. As a parent, I'm offended; as a youth advocate, I'm thoroughly disappointed.

Look, teens are going to do what they want, regardless of your "rules." If they want to get their hands on a carton of eggs badly enough, they will.

But, one thing that will likely deter them more than a sign is the ridiculous price of eggs.

Over the course of the spring and summer, the egg industry suffered one of its greatest shortages of all time, thanks to a devastating avian influenza, which killed millions of birds around the country.

Since then, the price of eggs has skyrocketed, nearly doubling since the same time last year.

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