GoPro-Wearing Daredevil Nearly Died After Jumping 8 Stories

The Internet is a crazy place.

Only here can you obtain the ultimate secret to keeping your guacamole from turning brown AND witness one of the craziest jumps ever -- all at once.

Wanna know something else? This world we live in where the Internet exists -- it's even crazier. The proof stems from a video recently uploaded to YouTube by a building-jumping daredevil who doesn't know when to stop.

Let's just say this guy was NOT going to take the stairs or elevator down. For YouTuber 8Booth, there's only one way down to the ground level and it requires him to strap a GoPro onto his head and take a giant leap of faith.

See, you and I, we're nothing like this guy because after peering down and seeing this...


Um, yeah... stairs, please!

Now, I know this particular daredevil of a building jumper might call this a dive or a stunt of some sort, but I'm going to just go ahead and say it. This is NOT a stunt...

OK, fine it is. But it's more of a 129-foot-high, near-death experience than anything. Why? Well, take a wild guess... Can you envision all of the different things that could go wrong here? Look around.

Aside from the fact that this genius is jumping off of an 8-story building and into the water (which is already insane), let me point out a few physical variables here.


Yeah, I don't think it's a smart idea to risk your life for YouTube when there are tons of things you could potentially go *SPLAT* against.

Regardless, this wild dude goes for it and narrowly escapes death. Thanks to GoPro, we don't ever have to try this anywhere. Ever. Just watching this video will make you feel like you were right there.

It'll also make you yell, "WTF IS THIS GUY EVEN THINKING?" out loud. Seriously, what the actual fuck?

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