Google's Pixel Phone Comes In 3 New Colors And No One Can Stop Roasting Them

Everything about Google's new Pixel phone screams innovation... except for its boring ass colors.

On Tuesday, the tech company announced the color names for its first line of these mobile phones.

Let's just say the choices were... interesting.

In case you were wondering, the answer's yes. They're serious.

I promise you, this is NOT a joke. But that didn't stop people from making jokes at the phone's expense.

In fact, some people had a ball with the color names.


As one user mentioned, though, it's not beyond the realm of possibility here that Google is trolling how arbitrary and random Apple's iPhone colors are.

And why would that be so believable? Well, it's because Google even dedicated a portion of its ad to trolling Apple.


Yeah, look above: I don't think they'd be hailing a headphone jack if it weren't for some questionable decisions on the iPhone's part. Non-trolling features aside, though, it's safe to say that Google's Pixel gives the iPhone some legit competition in the smartphone department.

Google boasts that its phone can maintain seven hours of battery life after just 15 minutes of charge. Also, the Pixel comes VR-ready, and is able to be slipped into a companion device entitled the "DayDream."

Meet #Daydream View. Adventures by you. VR headset by Google. #madebygoogle — Google VR (@googlevr) October 4, 2016

Then, there's the fact that the Pixel has the highest-rated camera on a mobile phone ever. This makes for a lot of high-quality photos that can be stored in unlimited capacity.

In conclusion, don't judge the phone by its cover... or by the name of the cover Google so bizarrely gave it. I promise you that the Pixel is legit.

But if you feel the need to laugh at Google, I totally understand.