If You Use Google Chrome, There's Something You Should Know

If you're a Google Chrome user who's already suffering from tab anxiety (too many tabs open, so much stress), the results of a recent study might add to your woes.

Apparently, Chrome and your laptop's battery do not get along very well.

Microsoft conducted a study in which it tested how different web browsers impact your laptop's battery life. It found Chrome sucks the juice out of your battery a lot faster than other browsers.

The tests Microsoft conducted were aimed to promote its Edge web browser. In one of the tests, Microsoft streamed HD video on the different browsers and timed how long each laptop lasted.

Ultimately, the laptop using Chrome lasted four hours and 10 minutes. The laptop using Edge, however, lasted a whopping seven hours and 22 minutes. That is roughly equivalent to over half the time it takes to watch the most recent season of "House of Cards," to put all of this into Netflix terms.

The other test looked at how Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge impact battery life in a lab-controlled environment that simulated typical browsing behavior. Edge outperformed the other browsers in this test as well.

But, as Olivia Harrison of Refinery29 points out, it's worth noting browsers perform best on the operating systems they're designed for and all the tests Microsoft conducted were done on a Microsoft Surface Book laptop.

In other words, Edge had an advantage over other browsers in these tests because it's designed for Microsoft computers.

With that said, even Google has acknowledged Chrome is not your battery's best friend, and these tests seem to have confirmed that even more.

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