Google May Soon Be Able To Help Us Record And Replay Our Memories

Google now has exclusive rights to technology that could catalogue our memories into videos to be relived over and over again.

According to Huffington Post, the technology would likely be featured in a wearable device similar to Google Glass.

The product, which likely does not exist at the moment, would record users' experiences and store them in an online library.

Slate reports a user's entire day could be recorded in a single video.

The recordings would probably be uploaded to Google's cloud servers directly, allowing users to access their memories with voice commands such as "How many books did I read in May?" or "Who were the people at the business lunch this afternoon?”

Users might even have the option to "share" their recorded experiences with others, allowing multiple people to view the same memory from different perspectives.

Such videos could be summoned with a voice command like,

Where were my friends last night?

A separate screen, however, will be needed to watch all recordings.

Many are referring to Google's move as the "Black Mirror" patent, in reference to the TV show that takes place in a world where people are physically unable to forget things because a device that records and replays memories has been implanted in their brains.

Let's hope Google heeded the underlying message of the British show: Such technology would quickly turn users into complete psychopaths.

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