Girl Finds Parents Overdosed After Aunt Pleads For Help In Scary Facebook Post

A 7-year-old girl will forever carry the burden of finding both of her parents dead after allegedly overdosing on heroin in their home.

On Monday, she showed up at school and told her teacher she could not wake them up, and then police were called to her apartment in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, according to Metro.

When authorities arrived at the scene, they found both parents, Christopher Dilly and Jessica Lally, deceased.

Lieutenant Andrew Schurman said the couple died of drug overdoses and suggested the parents could have been there for more than a day.


They left behind their children: a 9-month-old baby girl, two boys, aged 3 and 5, and, of course, their 7-year-old daughter who walked to school alone so she could tell her teacher what happened.


Jessica's sister, Courtney Lally, posted photos on Facebook back in February of the home which the overdosed couple's family lived in.

She seemed disgusted by the conditions of the house, which showcased piles of garbage in each room -- even the bathroom. It was a cry for help, and no one listened.

Apparently, officers found evidence of drug use in the rubbish.

She began her post by stating a harsh reality of the way her sister lived. Excerpts from the post read, "This is how Jessica Leigh Lally lives with her children," and, "I want people to see what dirty bad parents they truly are... It's so sad they do not care about their children... never have never will."


Although their home was in shambles, Christopher and Jessica never hesitated to post about how much they loved their kids on Facebook.

Their deceased father wrote back in March he will always take care of his kids and keep them away from "creeps and abusers."

The irony is alarming.

Their mother's Facebook shows various shared photos of her children, whom she appeared to have loved very much.

Jessica's sister spoke with WPXI about the Jessica she once knew before drugs took over and changed her for the worst. She said,

My sister wasn't the person she became when it came to drugs. She wasn't the person I knew. It was like the drugs had taken over and at first we didn't know it was heroin. She loved her kids -- she did. She loved her mom, she loved me, she loved us.

Because of heroin, her children are left as orphans, and their daughter will most likely never forget the moment she found her mom and dad dead in their home.

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