Eerie Family Pic Shows 'Ghost' Of Daughter's Dead Twin Watching Over Her

by Robert Anthony

Do you believe in ghosts?

Deb Larcombe does and her eerie family photo might lead you to believe in them, too. The Australian mother-of-six lost her son Jeremy at birth. As a result, she believed she might lose her daughter Taylah, too.

This is due to the fact Jeremy was positioned above Taylah while in their mother's womb.

Deb Larcombe

However, Taylah survived. Deb believes Jeremy sacrificed himself for Taylah, according to Metro.

Now, the 45-year-old mother believes Jeremy is literally watching over his 8-year-old sister after she spotted the "ghost" of her daughter's dead twin in an eerie family photo.

Larcombe told Metro reporters,

We were at my parents' house and Wayne and I were getting married that week but it was a surprise – no one else knew. So we asked my daughter Shanelle to take some pictures of the family since the date would be quite important to us – I wanted some nice photos of my children and grandchildren. But she didn't realize I was going to use ours as a wedding photo.

The mother-of-six then went on to talk about the "glowing face" that appeared in the photo her daughter took of her family. She believes it is Jeremy watching over them.

After seeing the picture of the glowing face next to Taylah, people have kept telling me that Jeremy wanted to be in the picture.

Let's take a look, shall we?

Behold Deb Larcombe's family original photo. Look closely... Can you spot the "ghost" of her son Jeremy?

Shanelle Massey

Here's a closer look...

Shanelle Massey

Larcombe went on to say,

It's very special to me. We have a small version of it up but I want to get a large version put in a frame on the wall. All the pictures from that day seem to have something in them. It is like there is a light moving around Taylah – and I think it could be Jeremy.

You know, she could be right... There's no denying the sight of that glowing face!

This is like the time Melissa Kurtz was driving her 13-year-old daughter Harper to a beauty pageant and Harper snapped a ton of selfies of herself only to discover the "ghost" of a small boy sitting behind her.

The mother believes the boy was there as a sign to try and get Harper to put her seatbelt on. Who knew ghosts weren't all scary AF?!

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