Starbucks' new "Good Vibe" Messenger will give you a daily boost.

Starbucks Will Send You Daily “Good Vibe” Texts With The Cutest Messages

It’s tailored to what you want out of the year.

Zhang Peng/LightRocket/Getty Images

Starbucks is bringing you all the good vibes via text, and the inspiration is real. If you need some positive energy as you traverse through 2022, you’ll want to check out Starbucks’ new Good Vibe Messenger for a boost. The text program offers several fun notes, images, and even audio that’ll help keep you going through your first-month-of-the-year growing pains.

Starbucks introduced its Good Vibe Messenger on Twitter on Jan. 10, and it might be the boost you need. “To start 2022 off right, Starbucks is sending you good vibes. Literally. Text “hi” to 78887 to sign up, and you might just get a couple surprises along the way,” the company wrote. The tweet features a graphic with a cellphone that reads, “Good vibes incoming.” To start receiving the Good Vibe Messenger’s texts, text “Hi” to 78887, which will opt you in to receive occasional messages and promotions from the brand.

When you send your first text, you’ll receive a confirmation of your opt-in to the service and a message that reads, “We can’t wait to send you some good vibes. But we want to make sure we’re sending you the right ones.” You can then choose to “define” your year with “Peace,” “Growth,” “Relationships,” or “Gratitude.”

Keep in mind the activation is only good for U.S. phone numbers, and many carriers are participating in the program. If you don’t receive a text message back after you opt-in, it’s likely your mobile carrier isn’t participating. You can sign up by Jan. 22 to participate in the program.

Once you text the option you want, you’ll receive your first Good Vibe message. I chose “Growth,” and my first text was an inspirational message. It read: “Growth doesn’t happen overnight. Every day is a chance to make a little progress. Because even baby steps are a step in the right direction.” I also received a fun GIF with a blooming white flower that said, “Take things day by day.”

Counting from the day you sign up for “Good Vibe” messages from Starbucks, you’ll receive alerts for five days in a row, including inspirational messages and media such as images and audio, per the official rules. On the second day, I received a downloaded wallpaper to remind me that “today is my day,” the phrase written on a Starbucks-style cup. My editor, who chose “Relationships,” got a pastel wallpaper with an image of a coffee cup that reads: “It’s the little things.”


To opt out of the “Good Vibe” messenger at any time, text "STOP" to 78887. You can always opt back into the program again by texting “Hi” to 78887. And when you head to Starbucks to grab your go-to sips, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.