Spin The Jams
Here's how to get Spotify's Friends Mix made from Blends with your besties.

Get Instant Song Recs From Your BFF With Spotify’s New Friends Mix

It’s like they’re right there with you!


Your friends are probably the first people you turn to for music recs, so it only makes sense that your Spotify playlists reflect their interests. Enter Spotify’s new Friends Mix playlist, which provides users with recommendations based on what their friends are listening to. Yup, the new feature is the ultimate collection of Blends, so if you’re ready to give your music library a mega-makeover, here’s how to get Spotify’s Friends Mix based on Blend playlists.

Everyone has that one friend that’s always ahead of the new music curb, but thankfully with the new Friends Mix, you won’t have to keep an eye out on the Friend’s Activity tab to get the scoop on what they’re listening to anymore. The Friends Mix, which was announced on July 28, is a playlist filled with suggestions based on the songs your besties have contributed to your shared Blended playlists. Of course, the recommendations will be a mix of your tastes. Like your other fave mixes, the Friends Mix updates daily and grows with your friendship over time.

How To Get A Friends Mix

To get a Friends Mix, you need three two-person Blends. You need one friend to start a Blend, and once you’ve rallied three of your BFFs (or sisters, or brothers, or cousins, or aunts, or uncles... you get the picture!) to join the Blend game, you’re ready to start jamming to the Friends Mix. To make a Blend, type “Blend” in the search tab and then “Invite.”

Where To Find The Friends Mix

The playlist will appear in your “Made For You” hub under the “Made For Us” shelf and it’s available to both regular and premium users globally. You can access it on your desktop and with your iOS app.


How Does The Friends Mix Work?

The Friends Mix is updated daily, and it’s meant to evolve with you and your pal’s music tastes over time. According to Spotify, this mix will help you discover “new and familiar tracks based on what’s trending among friends.”

Why Don’t I Have A Friends Mix?

As of the July 28 launch, you can only access it on desktop or iOS, so if you’re looking for it on Android, you’re out of luck at the moment. Another reason you might not see a Friends Mix is because you don’t have enough Blends. Again, you need at least three Blends to see a Friends Mix in your Spotify account — but once you get those, you should be ready to get all the song recs you can handle in a Friends Mix.

Courtesy of Spotify

Fittingly, the Friends Mix launched ahead of International Friendship Day on July 30. According to stats from Spotify, the friendliest generation of “friend” playlist streamers is Gen Z, more than any other age range. Globally, besties have created over 11 million playlists with the word “friend” in the title to spread the love and in the U.S., there’s been a 35% increase in streams of friend-related playlists in 2022, according to Spotify.

With the new Friends Mix, you won’t have to wonder what song your friends are spinning on repeat. And with all these personalized mixtapes, it’s like you can have a bestie listening sesh whenever you want.