Here's how to get iOS 16 beta to preview all the update’s features.

How To Get iOS 16 Beta To Preview All The Update’s Features

You can get it even earlier if you shell out some cash.

Apple unveiled its latest iOS update, iOS 16, on June 6, and the new software includes some seriously clutch features like unsending and editing messages, Lock Screen personalization, iCloud Shared Photo Library, and plenty of other features to get hype about. With so many exciting upgrades to look forward to, it’s no surprise that iPhone users are eager to get their hands on a beta version of the new update. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get a hold of the trial software, but it’s not available to everyone. Whether you’re an intrigued developer, or just a devoted Apple stan, here’s how to get iOS16 beta to preview all the update’s features.

Apple announced the newest version of iOS at the 33rd annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 6. Along with unsending messages, iOS 16 includes another highly requested change to Messages that lets you mark a text as unread, as well as improvements to Live Text, Wallet, and Accessibility. You’ll even be able to personalize your Lock Screen with new type styles, color choices, and various widgets like weather, calendar events, and Activity ring progress. And yes, even with all that, I agree that the best part of your Lock Screen will still be that super cute photo of your dog.

Though the new update is slated to be released to the public in fall 2022, users who want to get in on the excitement early have been chomping at the bit for a chance to try out the beta version of iOS 16. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to score the beta, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s already out. Unfortunately, though, it’s not available for everyone — at least, not yet, anyway. Here’s what you need to know.


Get iOS 16 Beta For Developers

If you’re ready to try the new update for yourself, like right now, make sure you’ve got your wallet nearby — and that you’re ready to dive all in. To download and install the iOS 16 beta for developers, you’ll need to sign up for the Apple Developer Program, which grants developers the tools needed to help create an app and make it available in the App Store. The Apple Developer Program also provides subscribers will exclusive access to beta tests, so it’s something to consider if you just can’t wait for the public beta.

As of June 7, the iOS 16 beta is only available to paying subscribers of the Apple Developer Program. The program charges an annual subscription fee of $99, and you can enroll for your chance to try the beta ASAP here.

After you’ve enrolled, you’ll need to open the Apple Developer Program download page in your iPhone, then select “Install Profile” for iOS 16 beta and tap “Allow.” Afterwards, you’ll want to open the Setting app, tap “Profile Downloaded,” and select the “Install” button in the top right corner. You might be prompted to enter your Passcode and to tap “Install” a few more times, and then after that your device will restart.

Once your device has turned back on, go to the Software Update tab in the Setting app under General. Tap “Download and Install,” hit “Install” again, enter your Passcode, and your device will do the rest.


Get iOS 16 Beta For The Public

If creating an app isn’t exactly in your future, you probably won’t want to drop $99 on the Apple Developer Program. As long as you’re OK with waiting (or you’d prefer to save some cash), you’ll also be able to download the free public beta version when it arrives sometime in July 2022. I know, I know — it’s so close, yet so far away. But hey, it’s better than waiting until the update is released in the fall, right?

Whether you plan to download the beta today or in a month, there’s no denying that iOS 16 will be worth it. Oh, and pro tip: because beta versions of software are prone to bugs, you’ll want to download the beta on a secondary device if you have one available.