This Guy Face Swapped With A Dead Body At A Wake…And Then Tried Filters


If you're going to be stupid enough to damn yourself to hell for any single act, at least make that act funny. You might imagine that this guy had a similar thought on his mind when he went to a funeral.

A certain picture of a man using Snapchat's face swap feature has been getting retweeted thousands of time. The biggest detail? The man face swapped with a corpse, during a funeral.


As if that wasn't weird enough, the guy went ahead an put a dog filter on the deceased person.


I don't know about the other interesting choices this guy made here, but it looks like he got one thing right. He might be going to hell for this.

I mean face swaps are everywhere, sure. The Kardashians are doing it. Celebrity couples are doing it. People are even finding ways to face swap with boobs -- no, seriously.

But a wake? C'mon bro. By the way, what type of family just allows someone to take multiple selfies with their dead relative? None of this makes sense.

Can't lie, though. It's kind of funny, just a little, in a horrible way.

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