No One Is Happier To Be At The Olympics Than This Adorable Chinese Swimmer

The only appropriate way to describe the Olympics is utterly amazing. Everything about it is incredible.

Olympic athletes are basically superheroes. But the best part about them is they're also still very human.

Some of the best moments have been when the athletes are simply ecstatic to just be there — as they should be. Fu Yuanhui, a 20-year-old swimmer from China, is the perfect example.

On the second day of the Olympics, she placed third in the semi-finals of the 100m backstroke. But the funny thing is she apparently thought she placed fourth until a reporter corrected her. Her reaction was priceless.

Fu Yuanhui is proof you don't have to win a gold medal to have a golden personality.

She's the real MVP. She's my Patronus. And, even though it's not an official event, she wins the gold medal for best faces at the Olympics.

Pretty sure no one is having more fun in Rio than she is. You have to love her. YOU. HAVE. TO.

I need to be her best friend immediately.

She's proof you should never be afraid to be a goofball, even when the entire world is watching.

Thanks for keeping it real, Fu Yuanhui.