Frat Bros Of Guy Who Ate Man's Face Blow Up Reporter's Phone With Harambe Jokes


On Monday night, Austin Harrouff, a 19-year-old FSU student allegedly stabbed a couple to death while possibly under the influence of a bath salts-like drug called Flakka.

He was found by police viciously biting his male victim's face, and it took tasers, four police officers and a police dog to get him off the victim. Austin himself is now in critical condition after the altercation.

A reporter from the local Palm Beach Post reached out to Austin's fraternity brothers at FSU for comment regarding the tragic events.

Instead, Harrouff's frat brothers decided it was an appropriate time to send her a slew of Harambe jokes.

The reporter, Christine M Stapleton, took to Facebook to vent her frustrations with the fraternity brothers who, obviously, weren't taking the murder very seriously.



As the reporter explains,

Harambe jokes and memes have been floating around the internet for months. The latest one is 'Dicks out for Harambe' -- you can Google it. I pointed out to these frat brothers and friends that two people were brutally murdered and their friend was looking at life in prison or a psychiatric hospital if he lived. This didn't phase them.

She included screenshots of their texts to her. The post was deleted, but you can still make out the exchanges.


And her Facebook page has been getting flooded with Harambe jokes since then. All of the following appeared as comments on a status that simply read,

Time for bed. Sweet dreams. Don't forget to say your prayers.

Believe me, I love Harambe jokes more than I love the full functionality of my limbs.

But, there is a time and a place for Harambe jokes, and when your friend allegedly just murdered two people while cannibalizing one of their faces, possibly under the influence of a terrifying and mind-altering drug, before being severely injured by the police and dogs that attempted in vain to stop him, it is not the time for Harambe jokes.

For clarification, here are the times and situations in which Harambe jokes are perfectly OK:

1. At parties 2. Literally all other times except when your friend just allegedly killed two people and might die

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