Videos Show Chaotic Aftermath Of Deadly Fort Myers Nightclub Shooting


Dramatic videos have emerged showing the chaotic aftermath of a shooting at a Florida nightclub which left two dead and as many as 17 injured.

Police were called to Club Blu Bar and Grill in Fort Myers at around 12:30 am on Monday.

The shooting took place in the nightclub parking lot, according to CNN.

Clubbers were reportedly attending a "Swimsuit Glow Party," which was open to all ages. Victims were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from minor to life-threatening.

As many as 17 people could have been injured, Lieutenant Jim Mulligan of Lee County Sheriff's Office said.

He said,

The numbers, they're sort of fluctuating. We have multiple hospitals calling in. We're trying to confirm. So, 15 to 17. We do have two confirmed dead.

Mulligan also gave some details as to how the incident unfolded, saying,

Officers arrived on scene. Found multiple people suffering from various levels of gunshot wounds. EMS was called, multiple units responded. Helped triage transport multiple people from the scene.

Witnesses have posted Facebook Live videos in the dramatic aftermath.

Juss Olivia said she was forced to hide under a car when the shooter open fire.

She said,

This is crazy. In my 27 years of living I've never had to run from live fire. I feel so bad for this city, everybody's just killing each other. We're having a teen party and people are killing these kids and they're not even going to make it to the first day of school. The parents are making funeral arrangements instead of getting school clothes.

Syreeta Gary said her daughter was dodging bullets by "running and ducking" around cars.

Her daughter's friend got shot in the leg. Here's what she told a reporter in a short interview posted on Twitter:

Three people have been arrested following the shooting.

A spokesperson for the nightclub said in a Facebook post it is "deeply sorry" for the victims.

The club explained staff did everything they could to try to give the clubbers a safe night.