First Exorcism To Happen On Live TV Will Air Just In Time For Halloween

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Have you ever wanted to watch an exorcism live, but you didn't have a friend possessed by the soul of a deceased spirit looking to stay on this mortal plane by attaching itself to a living, breathing vessel or permanent structure?

Well, now you can!

Thanks to Destination America, a TV channel apparently, you will be able to fulfill that goal on October 30 at 9 pm and watch Bishop James Long, Chip Coffey and the stars of "Ghost Asylum" attempt to exorcise the Missouri home that inspired “The Exorcist” novel.

Chip spoke to PEOPLE about the house and its otherworldly inhabitants. He said,

They're demons. They're Satan's minions. They're his worker bees, his drones.

I'm sold! Looks like Satan's yellow jackets are about to meet the beekeeper, and this time they're playing for ALL the spooky honey.

This broadcast goes down on Halloween Eve when Chip will attempt to hold a séance in the house. Because of the potential for “all hell [to] break loose" during the program, there will be EMTs on hand.

The special's creator, Jodi Tovay, told PEOPLE the house is a conduit for such negative energy because of Roland Doe, the boy who inspired “The Exorcist.”

She said her team thinks Roland's demonic spirits went into the house itself after he was exorcised.

He was later taken to a hospital where he was exorcised again. Legend has it, a wrecking ball sent to destroy the wing where Roland was hospitalized went out of control and hit another building.

Spooky construction!

Though there was once footage played on TV of an alleged exorcism that happened, this is the first live exorcism to happen on TV in real time.

By the way, the show is called "Exorcism: Live!" -- not to be confused with "Watch What Happens: Live," which is half as spooky but twice as betchy.

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