Internet Can't Handle Moving Video Of Firefighter Saving Dog's Life Using CPR


As 2016 winds to a close, most of us feel like we've just had year-long colonoscopies of the soul... without anesthesia. So here we are, just looking for a fragment of news that doesn't involve murder, racism or the tremors of our collapsing democracy.

I have that piece of news, guys.

Yes, sweet reader: For however long it takes you to read the rest of this article, you will be momentarily safe in the bosom of good news.

A fireman used CPR to save a dog's life.

A Romanian firefighter named Costache Mugurel used the technique to resuscitate a dog that had collapsed due to smoke inhalation during a fire. The incident took place in the city of Pitești.

A video was taken by a photojournalist at the scene, who captured the touching moment. The video already has 2 million views.

It might be difficult for certain dog lovers to watch this footage, but at least it has a happy ending.

The dog's owner was injured in the fire and brought to the hospital.

He had to leave his dog unconscious on the sidewalk as he was driven off in an ambulance. So when he left, he had no idea if his pup would make it or not.

Mugurel then took charge, doing everything he could think of to save the man's animal.

You can see how tense Mugurel was, and how upset the sight of the motionless pup was making him.

He even did mouth to mouth.

(More like "mouth to snout," right? Sorry. I just wanted to make absolutely sure everyone reading this didn't like me.)

As Mashable reports, the odds of a dog or cat being successfully revived by CPR while suffering cardiac arrest is "extremely rare."

Less than 6 percent of dogs and cats that suffer cardiac arrests in clinical settings survive to go home to their families, compared with more than 20 percent of human patients.

"Nobody gets left behind," Mugurel wrote on his Facebook page after the incident.

I'm not crying. My eyeballs are just really sweaty.

*applies tiny stick of deodorant directly to both eyeballs*