Father And Son Charged For Stealing Over $40,000 Worth Of Chicken Wings


Tens of thousands of dollars worth of chicken wings were stolen from a restaurant by a father and son who worked there.

According to Daily Mail, Paul Rojek, 56, and his 33-year-old son, Joshua Rojek, previously worked as cooks at Syracuse, New York restaurant Twin Trees Too.

Between February and late November, police said, the two ordered $41,000 worth of chicken wings from the restaurant's wholesaler, billed the restaurant's account and then resold the orders at lower prices.

The chicken wings would reportedly get sold to corner stores, restaurants and other local businesses.

Paul and Joshua destroyed the receipts for the orders, reports, but the owner of Twin Trees Too was able to uncover the crime by simply examining his restaurant's financial records.

The pair was charged with grand larceny and falsifying business records before being jailed late last month, according to Daily Mail. The two men were bailed out, however, when a $2,500 bond was posted.

The scheme could have been a result of Paul's alleged financial trouble, which reportedly included two bankruptcy filings and several debt filings.

Whether or not the businesses the pair sold to will be charged remains unclear.

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